Aluminum Circle discs, as a primary product of Aluminum alloy, has been widely used in our daily life. Like electronics, daily chemical, medicine, culture and education, auto parts, such as non-stick cooker, pressure cooker, and other kitchen utensils, lampshade, water heater shell, and other hardware products, application scenarios are very wide. Aluminum Circle Discs can be said to be one of the most widely used Aluminum alloy strip products, Aluminum Circle discs are widely used, effective and Aluminum Circle discs have excellent product characteristics.

aluminum circle disc

Advantage one: Aluminum circle Discs have good thermal conductivity and electrical conductivity, and the processed products can better reflect the excellent performance of Aluminum circle discs when used. The thermal conductivity of high purity aluminum annealed at 0~27℃ is 2.367W/(CM·K). While ultra-pure Aluminum (purity 99.990%) at 20°C Aluminum circle discs resistivity of 2.6548×10-8 ω ·m is 64.94% IACS (international anneal Copper standard), Aluminum good conductivity and low density combined, That makes it a good conductor for long-distance power transmission, not as good as copper and silver, but much cheaper and cheaper than copper and silver.
In some sophisticated electronic devices and computers, there are aluminum components, each of which plays an indispensable role.

Advantage two: Aluminum circle Discs have super anti-corrosion performance. A layer of dense alumina film can be formed on the surface of Aluminum alloy, which is the natural oxidation film formed by Aluminum circle discs and oxygen under natural conditions. Other metals do not have such oxidation conditions. The ultimate thickness of this film formed at room temperature is 2.5~3.0nm. Although the dense oxide film is very thin, it has the good characteristics of density and oxygen permeability and can adhere to the surface of Aluminum circle discs well, so that Aluminum circle discs will not be corroded, that is, no longer be oxidized.

Advantage three: Aluminum circle discs are a good cleaning Aluminum alloy material, the surface is smooth and easy to clean, and the appearance of silver-white looks more beautiful. Set clean, sanitary, beautiful, isolation in one can be good food, drink, medicine and wine packaging materials.

Advantage four: Aluminum circle Discs has very good printing suitability, can print a variety of patterns, colors, and patterns, strong operability.

Advantage five: Aluminum Circle Discs is an energy-saving and recyclable product. Good corrosion resistance can keep Aluminum circle discs in use for a long time, even after decades or even hundreds of years, it is still intact.