Color coated aluminum sheet

What are the performance characteristics of the color coated aluminum plate?

First, flatness: there is no composite high temperature indentation on the surface of the color-coated aluminum plate. There is no residual stress on the surface of the plate, and it will not deform after shearing.

Second, the color-coated aluminum plate is environmentally friendly: resistant to salt and alkali acid rain corrosion, it does not corrode itself to produce toxic bacteria, does not release any toxic gas, does not cause keel and fixing rust, and is flame-retardant.

Third, decorative: painted wood grain, stone grain, has a realistic physical sense, has a natural beauty. The color-coated aluminum plate pattern is made at random, giving customers a wide range of personality choices, which can enrich the humanistic connotation of the product and give people more What a beautiful enjoyment.

The color-coated aluminum plate has a beautiful appearance and long-lasting corrosion resistance. Its strength is easy to install, fire resistance and heat insulation are very good. In addition, the color-coated aluminum plate has very good recyclability due to the special nature of its material. economic.

Color-coated aluminum plates must not have obvious indentations, missing coatings, or damage through the coating, and ripples, scratches, and blisters are not allowed. These are easy to see. The most important thing is that you should carefully look at the color difference of the color-coated aluminum plate. If you don't pay attention, this is not easy to see, but it will affect the final decorative effect when applied.


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