We are looking at the quality of aluminum circle aluminum tube is good when the key is to see how its precision, precision than the high price of aluminum circle discs can be considered a good aluminum circle. Because aluminum circles as a production accessories, its precision is very important, in the real use of the process is likely to have a little difference can not be used. Especially for those electronics industry or the aviation industry, the accuracy of aluminum circle is very demanding. Now many industries in the production of goods when the aluminum circle to be used this kind of raw materials, so those who need to use the aluminum circle manufacturers, It is important to selection of high quality aluminum circle.

How to produce high quality aluminum circle discs?
We know that the level of precision products with the manufacturer’s production equipment and technology are closely related, and only advanced production equipment and advanced production technology manufacturers can produce precision on-Stick aluminum circle/disk/disc. henan huawei aluminum is such a company with the most advanced technology and the most advanced equipment of the aluminum cirlce production factory, if you want to buy high-quality aluminum circles, then you can choose it.
Our factory:
We have a complete production, processing and quality control system.
Especially a (1+4) hot rolling production line with 300,000 tons annual output.
6 continuous casting-rolling production lines.
4 sets cold rolling machines.
4 sets foil rolling machines.
2 sets continuous rotary coating machines.
2 sets mirror surface polishing machines.
2 sets laminating machines.
3 sets embossing machines and other processing machines.
In the production work manufacture of aluminum round circles commonly used aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet compared with other metal materials, has the following five characteristics:
1, the density is small: aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet density close to 2.7g /, about iron or copper 1/3
2, high strength: aluminum and aluminum alloy sheet high strength. After a certain degree of cold processing can strengthen the matrix strength, part of the grade of aluminum can also be heat treatment to strengthen the treatment.
3, good thermal conductivity: aluminum conductive thermal conductivity after silver, copper and gold.
4, good corrosion resistance: the surface of aluminum alloys easy to produce a layer of dense solid AL2O3 protective film, can protect the substrate from corrosion. Through the artificial anodizing and coloring, can obtain good casting performance of cast aluminum alloy or processing plastic deformation of aluminum alloy.
5, easy processing: add a certain amount of alloy elements, you can get a good casting performance of the cast aluminum alloy sheets or plastic deformation a good deformation of it.