Aluminum circle is a deep-processed product of aluminum alloy. After a certain process, it is processed into the form of a round sheet, which can be used to make other products. Especially in kitchen supplies, it is the most widely used.
The production process of kitchen utensils can generally be divided into two types: spinning production process and deep drawing production process (also known as stamping production process). These two ways are also the reason why aluminum circles can be made into beautiful kitchen utensils.

aluminum alloy circle

The aluminum circle spinning production process is also called metal spinning, which utilizes the asymmetric rotational forming process of sheet metal. This method is often used in furniture, lighting, tableware, aerospace, and other industries. The aluminum circle spinning production process generally requires a cold-rolled disc (also known as a CC aluminum circle). Common aluminum alloy circle series include 1050 aluminum alloy circle, 1060 aluminum alloy circle, 1100 aluminum alloy circle, 3003 aluminum alloy circle, 5052 aluminum alloy circle, and 8011 aluminum alloy circle. There are two common forms of spinning, one is manual spinning and the other is CNC spinning.

Among them, the manual spinning forming process is an ancient farming method. Although the production cycle is short, the technical requirements are relatively high. It can use simple molds to manufacture parts with complex shapes on ordinary machine tools. It can be applied to steel, aluminum, copper, and other different metal materials.

Common applications of aluminum alloy circles in this way are baking pans, coffee pots, steamers, pans, sieve pans, bowls, wine vessels, teapots, vases, and frying pans.

The aluminum alloy circle deep drawing production process is also called hydroforming press or press process. Many customers prefer to buy deep drawing quality rims (also known as DDQ quality rims). This means they will use a hydroforming machine to produce aluminum cookware. The stamping process is a metal processing method, which is based on the plastic deformation of the metal. It uses die and stamping equipment to apply pressure to the aluminum alloy circle to cause plastic deformation or separation. The result is a part with a certain shape, size, and properties. Commonly used aluminum alloy circle series include 1050 aluminum circle, 1060 aluminum circle, 1100 aluminum circle, and 3003 aluminum circle.