1. The light
    Forged aluminum wheels weigh only half as much as iron wheels.
  2. High heat dissipation can effectively avoid tire explosion
    In hot summer weather, দীর্ঘ সময় ধরে গাড়ি চালানো বা ঘন ঘন ব্রেক করা, চাকা তাপ অপচয় প্রভাব ভাল না হলে চাকা তাপমাত্রা বৃদ্ধি হবে. বাঁক নেওয়ার সময় বা খারাপ রাস্তার অবস্থায় টায়ার ফেটে যাওয়ার প্রবণতা থাকে. Aluminum wheels with good heat dissipation can effectively reduce the probability of tire blowout.
  3. Efficient fuel-efficient
    After the installation of forged aluminum wheels, the moment of inertia of the wheels decreases due to the vehicle’s weight reduction, the vehicle’s acceleration performance improves, and the demand for braking energy decreases correspondingly, thus reducing the moment of inertia of the wheels. Fuel consumption, plus the unique air of forged aluminum wheels. Mobility and rolling resistance, so the fuel-saving rate for the 100km test should be at least 2 liters per 100km (fuel consumption per 100km after replacement of forged aluminium wheels and use of air conditioning is higher than fuel consumption per 100km without replacement). Forge aluminum wheels and turn on air conditioning. The latter has a lower fuel consumption of 2.5 liters).
  4. Protect tires and brake pads
    The too high temperature will not only affect vehicle safety but also shorten the service life of vehicle tires and brake pads. The good heat dissipation performance of aluminum alloy rims can better protect the materials and tires that are not resistant to high temperatures in the braking system, thus greatly reducing tire wear. To extend tire mileage and reduce brake system maintenance costs.
  5. It’s three times hotter than a steel wheel
    Aluminum thermal conductivity of 167W /MK, steel thermal conductivity of 50W /MK W is heat; M is material thickness; K is temperature. The thermal conductivity is defined as how much w energy can be transferred per unit length and per K. The higher the value, the better the thermal conductivity. We can see that aluminum has three times the thermal conductivity of steel, which means that aluminum has three times the thermal conductivity of steel.
  6. Ensure wheel braking efficiency
    Anyone with a certain amount of driving experience knows that long-term braking can lead tothermal agingof the wheels, resulting in brake failure. The good heat dissipation performance of the aluminum wheel is equivalent to adding two heat dissipation components on each side of the brake drum, which can quickly cool the brake drum, avoid overheating caused by long-term braking and avoid braking failure.


When it comes to the অ্যালুমিনিয়াম বৃত্ত চাকা, I believe that many people’s most intuitive impression is light and beautiful. Actually, aluminous ring round besides deft besides, come loose the advantage that comes loose often also be ignored. আসলে, this is not the case. Advantages, safety, and reduced tire braking costs, which is the biggest advantage of aluminum alloy wheels.

আসলে, when aluminum alloy wheel manufacturers publicize the advantages of the aluminum wheel rims, the most important mention is “আলো” এবং “good heat dissipation”. “Lightis the most intuitive in terms of weight. The biggest advantage “লাইটওয়েট” is mentioned most, but the advantage ofgood heat dissipationis ignored.