After the processing, le aluminum wafer needs to be packaged to prevent surface oxidation, puncture and deformation, so we should pay attention to the following four points during the packaging process.

First, when packaging, we usually use the #-frame packaging, the packaging should meet the needs of storage and transportation; the riddle frame is made of wood, and the upper and lower are made of two wooden sides. Height, to meet the operation needs of the forklift.

Second, the outer surface of the aluminum foil roll needs to be wrapped with a strong neutral or weakly acidic material (usually selected for high release), and the lap joint is adhered with a tape. A soft pad is placed on the end face to protect the end face of the aluminum case roll from scratches.

Third, add a desiccant. Wrap all the rolls with a single piece of plastic cloth, and the plastic cloth on the outer layer of the lap joint should be taped down. Use a suitable scale of rainproof cardboard to wrap all the aluminum discs in the circumferential direction and close the end faces, and the end faces and the circumferential joints and all the gaps should be fastened with tape.

Fourth, the wrapped aluminum foil roll is placed on the traverse frame and fixed along the circumferential direction using a steel strip, and the steel strip is bundled and sturdy.

All these above will keep the aluminum circle/disc in safety during long seaway shipment.