HUAWEI Alu produces aluminum circle which meets the highest standards while saving the cost for customers during utensils processing. Our strong quality control team bring you the most-qualified products.
We have wide range of selection on circles aluminum size including customized shape and size. Our highly-qualified aluminum circle /disc applies for both Excellent Deep Drawing and spinning processing.
We provide heavy gauge circles with thickness 0.30mm – 6.00mm
Alloy series available: 1xxx, 3xxx, 8xxx
Anodizing Quality and Deep Drawing Quality which is suitable for cookware as well
Exportstandard Sea-Worthy Packing protects the aluminum circle/disc during the long shipment.
Aluminium circle / disc is between 0.50 mm and 6.00mm in thickness and has a wide variety of uses in the cookware and kitchen ware including fired pans and pressure cooker. Non-stick aluminium circle is excellent for spinning, deep-drawing (depth less than 10 cm), color or non-sticky painting with quite competitive price.
Aluminum circle / disc is widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, automobile accessories,aerospace, military, mold, construction, printing ,non stick pan, pressure cooker,lampshade, water heater shell and stretching tank etc.
Main producing procedure for the aluminum circle/disk/disc includes the following steps:
Melting-Rolling- Cutting- AnnealingPacking
Alloys available:
AA1050, AA1060, AA1070, AA1100, AA3003, AA3005, AA3105, AA5052, AA8011, among these alloys, the regular ones are AA1050, AA1060, AA1100, AA3003, which are highly applied in the utensils producing.
H12, H14, H16, H18, H22, H24, H26, H32,HO
Diameter List by aluminium circle manufacturer supply :
≧20 / ≧140 / ≧170 /≧200
Your inquiry on the aluminum circle / dis is welcome.