Henan Huawei Aluminium Co., Ltd, has aluminium circle open-book blanking production ability, can directly punching aluminium circle blanking on the aluminium coil,don’t need shearing and slitting step. Products widely used in aluminium processing manufacturing that all kinds industry of required aluminium circles,such as cookware with tensile aluminium circlelamp and lanterns tensile aluminium circletraffic signage for aluminium circlealuminium cans and seal the top of aluminium tank etc,already meet the demand of enterprise’s great quantity of aluminium circle blank production. We can according to the width of coil and circle diameter automatically select the most suitable way of layout,at the same time of aluminium coil open-book leveling directly for the blanking processing production,the utilization rate of raw materials is more than 80%,is such better than the other aluminium circle blanking way,save a lot of the cost of production for the enterprise.

Application Of Different type Anodized aluminum circle

Aluminium Circle TypeFinal ProductsProducts Images
1060 O , H12
2mm — 3mm
Fry Pans , Pizza Pans , Works
Electric Skillets
3003 O

2mm — 4mm

Pressure Cookers
Rice Cookers
1100 O
0.7mm — 2mm
Stock Pots
1100 O
3mm — 5mm
Cookware Bottom

Stainless Cookware

Bottom Plates