3000 series aluminum alloy circles are one of the most widely used aluminum alloy circles. Among the 3 series aluminum alloy circles, 3003 aluminum alloy is widely used and has good metal properties. 3003 aluminum alloy disc circle is a kind of Al-Mn series aluminum alloy, which has good corrosion resistance, low strength, high plasticity, excellent formability, and good welding performance.

The deep-processed 3003 aluminum alloy disc circle is mainly used in pressure tanks, storage tanks, chemical equipment, aircraft fuel tanks, heat exchangers, ฯลฯ. A manufacturing method of 3003 aluminum alloy strip, the method includes batching and processing through smelting, การคัดเลือกนักแสดง, homogenizing annealing, hot rolling, and cold rolling. This is a more conventional way of preparing aluminum discs from aluminum alloys. This method has many good advantages. The 3003 aluminum alloy disc circle produced has good structure and performance, and its tensile strength, elongation, and ear rate can meet the requirements of deep-drawing products, but this method also has shortcomings that cannot be ignored. place. Its processing technology is complex, and the production cost is relatively high. The comprehensive yield is only 80%, which also increases the cost of 3003 aluminum alloy deep-drawn products.

There is also a method of directly casting and rolling a billet to make a 3003 aluminum alloy disc circle. Although this method reduces the manufacturing cost and is low, the produced 3003 aluminum alloy disc circle generally has poor deep drawing performance, poor appearance quality, and has quite a few questions.

3003 aluminum disc circle
As a manufacturer of aluminum disc circles, Huawei Aluminum has improved on the original basis to provide a production method of 3003 aluminum alloy deep-drawing wafers with simple process flow, high yield, low cost, and good deep-drawing performance. First, ที่ 3003 aluminum alloy components are cast and rolled into a 3003 aluminum alloy sheet with a thickness of 5.0-8.0 mm by casting and rolling, and then cold-rolled with a cold deformation rate of 12%-40%; secondly, cold-rolled The processed 3003 aluminum alloy circle is subjected to homogenization treatment, the homogenization temperature is 540-600 ° C, and the holding time is 10-30 hours; the third cold-rolling process is to carry out the above-mentioned homogenization treatment of the 3003 aluminum alloy circle. Cold rolled again. The fourth step of annealing treatment is to punch the above-mentioned 3003 aluminum alloy sheet after cold rolling again into an aluminum disc circle, and then anneal the wafer to obtain a finished 3003 aluminum alloy deep-drawn wafer, and the annealing temperature is 500-600 ° C, the holding time is 0.5-5 hours.

In this way, ที่ 3003 aluminum alloy sheet can be made into an aluminum circle by ordinary casting and rolling, and the 3003 aluminum alloy wafer can achieve the required processing performance and maintain stable performance. The mechanical properties of the final product, such as yield strength, tensile strength, elongation and ear rate, are all good.