Do you know how to guarantee the aluminium circles quality in production?To guarantee the high quality of aluminium circle is very important.It is because of aluminium circlrs is for users to produce a variety of products, in the form of cold extrusion shell, hoses, shields and other accessories.It is widely used in lighting, kitchen utensils and electronics, electrical appliances, machinery parts and components of stretch material. In electronic appliances, Japan has outstanding application and car manufacturing, even in space applications, more widely used in military industry and development.

How to guarantee the spinning aluminium circles quality in production?
1,In the process of cold rolling aluminum circle plate size must be accurate.Length and width must conform to the requirements of customers, the diagonal tolerance to control between 1-2 mm, if it is a relatively small specifications of the aluminum circle discs, of course, is can’t control when rolling so delicate.
2,In the process in production the most common is the phenomenon of scratches, so in the production of aluminum circle propulsion with shear machine in the process of rolling the feeding port of friction, affect the appearance, appear scratches if surface quality requirement is very high, if the customer for advice on the effect of rolling processing later, but cost may be higher.
3,In the process of production may appear the phenomenon of shear knife is not sharp lead to aluminum circle/disk/disc edge is not neat, then suggested at the time of processing using modern processing equipment.
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We have a complete production, processing and quality control system.
Especially a (1+4) hot rolling production line with 300,000 tons annual output.
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2 sets continuous rotary coating machines.
2 sets mirror surface polishing machines.
2 sets laminating machines.
3 sets embossing machines and other processing machines.