Our Aluminum Circle / Disc has below advantages:

1. Excellent Continuity

The smelting furnace and holding furnace comprise the continuous casting and rolling line, this processing line makes degassing and deslagging thoroughly. It can continuously produce 1,300 tons without any stop, each roll is 6-8 tons.

2. During the rolling process, thickness tolerance was monitor by thickness controller from Siemens, as a result of it, the tolerance can be +/- 0.002 mm of the flat sheet. Concerning the roll weighting 2.5-3 tons, the thickness tolerance between the start edge and the end edge can be +/-0.01 mm.

The Advantages of our Aluminum Circle / Disc

3. When a roll weights about 2.5 tons is loaded on the punching machine, after unrolling and flattening, then it starts being punched continuously. The diameter tolerance of the die is +/- 0.01 mm, when it up to 50,000,000 times punching, the die will be maintained to control the tolerance and keep it sharp that reduce the burrs.

4. Annealing process is that all the circles in a annealing furnace integrally, with the draught fan that thermosiphon circulating to make sure each piece is heated equably.

All these above make our aluminum circle / disc in a guaranteed high stable quality. And the finished products rate can reach 98%.