Custom Size Aluminum Disc Circle Overview

Aluminum alloy wafers are products after preliminary processing of aluminum raw materials, which are mixed with manganese-magnesium alloy during processing to enhance all aspects of the alloy’s characteristics. As a semi-finished aluminum alloy, aluminum wafers are loved by many manufacturers of kitchenware, transportation supplies, and machinery. It is the most common semi-finished aluminum alloy raw material for many daily necessities.

Huawei Aluminum is the Chinese factory that provides such aluminum wafers to all over the world.aluminum circle and disc

About Custom Size Aluminum Disk Circle

Aluminum wafer-as the name implies is an aluminum alloy sheet with a certain diameter and thickness. Wafers are often made of aluminum alloy plates after being stretched and cut. Generally speaking, the things that manufacturers have to do are different, and the requirements for the size of the aluminum wafer-the diameter of the wafer are also different. Our aluminum discs suppliers must also be able to meet the cutting requirements of different sizes, and produce different sizes (aluminum wafer diameters) according to production requirements.

The Detail Of Custom Size Aluminum Disk Circle

ProductAlloyMain UsageThickness(mm)Diameter(mm)Following process
3003DCKochgeschirr,Lampshade0.6-5.0mm135-960mmAnodizing, Enamel,
Ceramic,Extrusion,Ordinary drawing
5050DCKochgeschirr,Road sign0.6-4.0mm135-960mmAnodizing
Ordinary drawing
8011CCKochgeschirr1.0-3.0mm135-960mmOrdinary drawing

Usual format:0.3/0.4/0.5mm,3.5mm;300mm,200mm

Aluminum Plate Circle Features:

Compared with other metals, aluminum, which is commonly used in the production of aluminum wafers, has many commendable properties.
1. Low alloy density: lightweight, only 1/3 of iron or copper.
2. High strength Aluminum and aluminum alloy have high strength. A certain degree of cold working can strengthen the strength, and some types of aluminum alloys can also be strengthened by heat treatment.
3. Good electrical and thermal conductivity: second only to silver, copper, and gold.
4. Good corrosion resistance: the aluminum surface is easy to naturally produce aluminum oxide protective film, which can well protect the substrate from corrosion. Zusätzlich, good casting performance can be obtained through artificial anodization and coloring.

Aluminum alloy Disc Model

Generally speaking, Our 1050 aluminum circle, 1060 aluminum circle, 1070 aluminum circle, 1100 aluminum circle, 8011 aluminum circles, 3003 aluminum sheet circle, 3105 aluminum circle ect alloy Diameter range is 20mm-1200mm, So these alloys all can do 24aluminum round discs.

Aluminim Circle plate Chemical Composition


aluminum pan circle

Aluminum Disks Technical Support

1. Fully-automatic numerical control, no manual contact is required between the unwinding of the coil and the complete blanking of the entire coil, and no adjustment is required. This eliminates the hidden dangers of production safety and product quality caused by ordinary punching.
2. Use coil material to directly produce wafers without slitting and cross-cutting, which reduces costs and damages. The wafers produced are free of oil stains and scratches.
3. Make full use of the width of the roll material and control it with a high-precision servo motor drive system to minimize the distance between the wafer and the edge of the wafer.
4. The production can reach 40-55 pieces per minute, which improves the production efficiency.

Properties of the aluminum circle:

Aluminum circle is suitable for many markets, including cookware, automotive and lighting industries, etc., thanks to good product characteristics:

  • Low anisotropy, which facilitates deep drawing
  • Strong mechanical properties
  • High and homogeneous heat diffusion
  • Ability to be enameled, covered by PTFE (or others), anodized
  • Good reflectivity
  • High strength-to-weight ratio
  • Durability and resistance to corrosion

Aluminum Circles Process

Ingot/Master AlloysMelting Furnace – Holding FurnaceD.C. CasterSlab —- ScalperHot Rolling Mill – Cold Rolling Mill – Punching – Annealing FurnaceFinal Inspection – PackingDelivery

  • Prepare the master alloys
  • Melting furnace: put the alloys into the melting furnace
  • D.C.cast aluminum ingot: To make the mother ingot
  • Mill the aluminum ingot: to make the surface and side smooth
  • Heating furnace
  • Hot rolling mill: made the mother coil
  • Colding rolling mill: the mother coil was rolled as the thickness you want to buy
  • Punching process: become the size what you want
  • Annealing furnace: change the temper
  • Final inspection
  • Packing: wooden case or wooden pallet
  • Delivery

Quality Control

Assurance Below inspection will be done in the production.

  • a. ray detectionRT;
  • b. ultrasonic testingUT;
  • c. Magnetic Particle Testing-MT;
  • d. penetration testing-PT;
  • e. eddy current flaw detection-ET

1) Be free from Oil Stain, Dent, Inclusion, Scratches, Stain, Oxide Discoloration, Breaks, Corrosion, Roll Marks, Dirt Streaks, and other defects which will interfere with use.

2) Surface without black line, clean-cut, periodic stain, roller printing defects, such as other gko internal Control standards.

Aluminum discs packing:

Aluminum circles can be packed by export standards, covering with brown paper and plastic film. Finally, the Aluminium Round is fixed on a wooden pallet/wooden case.

  • Put the driers side the aluminum circle, keep the products dry and clean.
  • Use clean plastic paper, pack the aluminium circle, keep good sealing.
  • Use the snakeskin paper, pack the surface of the plastic paper, keep good sealing.
  • Next, there are two ways of packaging: One way is wooden pallet packaging, using the crusty paper packing the surface; Another way is wooden case packaging, using the wooden case packing the surface.
  • Finally, lay the steel belt on the wooden box’s surface, keeping the wooden box fastness and secure.

Aluminum circle of Henan Huawei Aluminum. meet the export standard. Plastic film and brown paper can be covered at customers’ needs. What’s more, a wooden case or wooden pallet is adopted to protect products from damage during delivery. There are two kinds of packaging, which are eye to wall or eye to the sky. Customers can choose either of them for their convenience. Generally speaking, there are 2 tons in one package, and loading 18-22 tons in 1×20′ container, and 20-24 tons in 1×40′ container.


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