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Aluminum Disc Circle

We are a supplier and manufacturer of aluminum disc circles from China. We provide a high-quality aluminum circle/disc/plate with thickness between 0.3mm-4mm and diameter between 3.94″-38.5. Aluminum alloy disk is mainly used for general commercial and industrial purposes, such as capacitor boxes, toothpaste boxes, medical tubes, Spray bottles, cosmetic boxes and hose boxes, road traffic signs, and cookware: pots, pans, frying pans, non-stick pans, cups, and other utensils.

Factory direct prices, support customization, free samples,hot-selling aluminum alloy circle types are 1000 series alloy (1050/1060/1070/1100, Etc), 3000 series (3003, A3003, 3004, 3103, Etc), 5000 series (5020, 5754, 5083,5052, Etc),6000 series 8000 series. Temper: O, H12, H14, H16, H18. With high-quality cast-rolled coil or hot-rolled coil as raw material, and undergo different cold-rolling deformations. slitting, annealed, and finally stamped into                                                                                                                                        the aluminum circle, then packaged and shipped.

aluminum circle disc

Henan Huawei Aluminum Co., Ltd

We can produce aluminum products by customer’s requirements, and our products mainly includes aluminum sheet, aluminum coil, aluminum foil, aluminum strip, round aluminum circle, aluminum tread plate, embossed aluminum, mirror aluminum, anodized aluminum, color coated aluminum, heat transfer plates, and other aluminum machining parts, aluminum bilister foil etc


Aluminum circle packaging requirements – Huawei Aluminum

Why is the price of aluminum discs higher than aluminum plates?

Many friends may have such a problem, when buying aluminum Circle and aluminum plate, they find that the price of aluminum circle is higher than the price of aluminum plate, and they are very confused. Under normal conditions, there should be more aluminum plates, so the price should be relatively high. Let Henan Huawei Aluminum Explain today. Aluminum Circle has better performance The aluminum Circle ...

What are the technical characteristics of aluminum Circle production?

Deep processing of aluminum plate has become an indispensable technology. Aluminum discs is a deeply processed product of aluminum. There is a great demand in the market. Aluminum Circle looks bright and beautiful. It is a common kitchen material. What are the characteristics of the circular production process? Aluminum discs production process mainly has the following six characteristics:   CNC ...

Why is aluminum superior to steel in car wheels?

The light Forged aluminum wheels weigh only half as much as iron wheels. High heat dissipation can effectively avoid tire explosion In hot summer weather, driving for a long time or braking frequently, the wheel temperature will increase if the wheel heat dissipation effect is not good. Tires tend to burst when turning or in bad road conditions. Aluminum wheels with good heat dissipation can effectively ...

What’s the difference between anode and plating?

The so-called anode, relative to the principle of electroplating, is to be placed in the object in the anode, so that its oxidation, the formation of oxide film, due to the aluminum oxide film structure is careful, good adsorption, not easy to fall off, so artificial way to cover a layer of careful oxide film to protect it will not continue to oxidation, this is the use of the anode. The anodic treatment of al ...

What should we pay attention to when purchasing aluminum discs?

Aluminum wafer are common in our life, sealed cans, non-stick frying-pan, traffic signs, lamps and lanterns and so on has the figure of aluminum wafer lampshade, in addition to aluminum wafer in machinery manufacturing, automotive and other industrial areas, every action, so the aluminum round priority when the choose and buy is use, USES decision is to buy hot rolled or roll casting material, roll material is ma ...