Aluminum disc is a very common aluminum product, which has the advantages of light weight, corrosion resistance, and good thermal conductivity, so it is widely used in various industries.

  1. Machinery manufacturing industry: Aluminium discs can be used to manufacture various mechanical parts, such as bearings, hubs, wheels, gears, transmission housings, etc.
  2. Aerospace industry: Aluminum wafers are important structural materials for aerospace vehicles such as aircraft and rockets, and can be used to manufacture fuselage, wing surfaces, engines, brackets and other components.
  3. Electronic and electrical industry: Aluminium wafers can be used to manufacture electrical casings, radiators, utility poles, electrolytic capacitors, battery casings, etc.
  4. Packaging industry: aluminum circles can be made into various packaging containers, such as cans, food packaging bags, pharmaceutical packaging boxes, cosmetic packaging, etc.
  5. Construction industry: Aluminum discs can be used to manufacture window frames, door frames, roofs, wall panels, ceilings, interior decoration, etc.
  6. Transportation industry: Aluminium circles can be used to manufacture vehicles, ships, railway vehicles, etc., such as automobiles, trains, ship shells, body bodies, doors, wheels and other components.

In short, aluminium circle is a very practical aluminum product with a wide range of applications, covering various fields.