Many friends may have such a problem, when buying aluminum Circle and aluminum plate, they find that the price of aluminum circle is higher than the price of aluminum plate, and they are very confused. Under normal conditions, there should be more aluminum plates, so the price should be relatively high. Let Henan Huawei Aluminum Explain today.

aluminum circle

  • Aluminum Circle has better performance

The aluminum Circle is known to be very opaque and can be printed and decorated to achieve good color and light efficiency. Well insulated from bacteria and insects. Good shape stability, not affected by humidity changes. Aluminum discs products can be printed, colored, embossing, surface coating, coating, lighting and other simple processing, processing is slightly complex.

  • Aluminum Circle has more processing technology than aluminum plate

Aluminum discs is usually processed together with paper and plastic films into composite materials for use in various aspects. As a result, there will be more continuous stamping in the process. As the production cost will increase compared with aluminum plate, the quotation of aluminum circle will be affected to a certain extent.

  • Aluminum Discs comes in special models

Aluminum Circle, on the other hand, will be wasted during production. If a special standard aluminum circle is processed, another process adds a lot of waste, using a special type when producing a special size aluminum discs. These factors contribute to the high price of Aluminum discs.

The above is the explanation of Henan Huawei aluminum For the higher price of aluminum Circle than aluminum plate. If you have any other requirements, please contact us, we will serve you wholeheartedly!