About the 5 major advantages of aluminum discs

As we all know, there are many aluminum discs in our lives, but we don’t notice them. There are also many types of aluminum discs, such as the kettles, cups, etc. we often use, and the kitchen utensils we use. For example, the most common lamps, tableware, lampshades, etc. in our lives are all made of aluminum discs. But you may not know about the advantages of aluminum discs. Today, aluminum disc manufacturers will make a centralized summary to explain the advantages of aluminum discs in detail.

1. Light density of aluminum discs

Aluminum discs are made of 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, and 8000 series aluminum alloy strips for stamping. Therefore, the metal density of aluminum discs is roughly 2.71, which is the lowest among our common metals. It has better formability than iron and lower density than steel.

2. Performance of aluminum discs

Aluminum discs have good stamping properties in terms of performance. Good stamping performance is also the reason why aluminum discs are most widely used, so the stamping performance of aluminum discs is particularly important.

3. Formability of aluminum discs

We all know that aluminum discs have very good performance when bending, bending performance, stretching performance, and tensile performance.

4. Corrosion resistance of aluminum discs

With the advantages of aluminum, aluminum discs also have the advantage of corrosion resistance. When aluminum discs are used in lamps, they do not have much impact on the interior under the long-term light source of the lamp. Therefore, aluminum discs have strong corrosion resistance and light density, so they are widely used.

In the field of kitchenware originals, due to the corrosion resistance of aluminum discs, they can still guarantee a lifespan of up to 15 years in a high-temperature and oily environment for a long time.

5. Tensile performance of aluminum discs

Aluminum discs have great tensile properties. Depends on the aluminum disc, when the aluminum disc annealing state reaches O, the aluminum disc has great tensile properties. In terms of high-strength tensile, aluminum discs can maximize this performance, so we say that the tensile performance of aluminum discs is very suitable.

The above content is our introduction to aluminum discs, all their properties, and the five major advantages of aluminum discs. We hope that it will be helpful to our users. We hope that our aluminum discs can make a greater contribution to you. We are a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum discs. We hope that our quality and our services can gain more trust from our customers.

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