what is the basic requirements for aluminium circles?

As a skilled aluminum worker, in the process of producing aluminum/aluminium circle need to understand the basic production product and process.

Automatic blanking production line for processing of high quality aluminum circles are as follows:

Aluminum circle plate open-book blanking production line, aluminum is a circle production equipment, fully automatic integration can directly on the aluminum coil material for aluminium circle disc punching and blanking, save the shearing and slitting, aluminium foil circles in the application of manufacturing industry in more extensive, such as: aluminum circle/disk/disc for cookware utensils, lamps and lanterns manufacturers use tensile aluminum circle and traffic sign, aluminum cans, and seal the top of tank series of various aluminum circlr/aluminum disc, all can use the integration of production equipment, it can meet the demand of a large number of companies to circle aluminum production of blank.At the same time, greatly improves the production efficiency of the company, as well as the utility ratio of material, to shorten the delivery cycle.

Now a lot of industry in the production of goods to be used in the aluminum wafer of a raw material manufacturers, so for those who need to use aluminum circle disc, aluminum circle selection in the selection of good quality aluminum wafer is crucial.

The technical properties of aluminium circle cutting machine production line:

1, CNC automatic, more intelligent to production, not need manual operation, this will also avoid many problems.

2, greatly reduce the production speed

3, can reduce the conversion time of reproduction

4, the use of modular mould set

Advantages of good quality aluminum circles:

First of all, we all know that aluminum circle as a production parts, its precision is very important, in the actual use of the process may be a little bit of difference can not be used. Especially for the electronics industry or the aviation industry, the precision of aluminum circle is very \high. Precisely because of this, so when we look at the quality of aluminum circle wheather is good, the key is to see how precise it is, the high precision it is considered to be a good quality. Of course, we all know that the precision of the product is closely related to the production equipment and technology of the manufacturer. Only the manufacturers with advanced production equipment and advanced production technology can produce precise aluminum circles.

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Our factory:

We have a complete production, processing and quality control system.

Especially a (1+4) hot rolling production line with 300,000 tons annual output.

6 continuous casting-rolling production lines.

4 sets cold rolling machines.

4 sets foil rolling machines.

2 sets continuous rotary coating machines.

2 sets mirror surface polishing machines.

2 sets laminating machines.

3 sets embossing machines and other processing machines.