huawei aluminum circle for lighting / cookware / pot

Aluminum slugs are precision aluminum raw materials that are further processed using impact extrusion. They are used in the packaging, electronics as well as in the automotive industry. Among other items, they are made into aerosol cans, aluminum tubes as well as technical parts. In addition, slugs are manufactured in a casting process, and sawn slugs are also produced out of direct-extruded bars.

aluminum circle lights

Product Shape: Flat or domed, round, oval, column, rectangle, or customized
Aluminum siug for electric container,aluminum slug for aluminum bottle,aluminum slug for aerosol cans,aluminum slugs for cosmetic packaging,aluminum slug for capacitor shell,aluminum slug for beverage contaiers

a.Customized in Shape and Size ;
b.Good flexibility and tractility, corrosion proof well, and attractive appearance;
c.Strict quality control

Our Main machinery includes: smelting furnace, rod drawing machine, saw cutting line, tension-extrusion machine, hot rolling mills, cold rolling mills, stamping and finishing lines, annealing line, selection and packaging line.,etc.
Every process is in strict accordance with the work instruction. Our company is capable to design and develop the mould tooling so as to shorten the new product development cycle and to control accuracy of profile dimensions in view of making our utmost efforts to meet customer demand.

Production process for slug aluminum circle:

Before production ,we determine the exact kind of aluminum product clients want according to the provided grade,state,applications and drawings or samples.
Then some samples will be made and send to cliets for a confirmation.
In henan huawei aluminum ,each production step is under strict control,for example,the annealing temperature is controlled within little devation,the finished aluminum slugs are checked both by screening machine and manually.

Aluminium circles/discs/slugs and stamped shapes with specific properties that can be subject to further treatment by the following methods – deep drawing, spinning and subsequently enamelling or teflonising. Discs are manufactured from 1000, 4000, 5000, 6000 and 8000 series alloys. Soft, half-hard, and hard tempers that can also be combined with deep drawing ability are also available Intended uses Our discs can be reprocessed by means of deep drawing or spinning.They are also applied for : deep drawing manufacturing of household containers, double bottoms in household containers, the manufacturing of pressure vessels, the manufacturing of lighting fittings, the manufacturing of satellite antennas.