aluminum circle for cookware

Aluminum disc circle for cookware

Parameters of aluminum disc circle for cookware Alloys: 1050, 1060 etc

Anodized and painted aluminium circle for pressure cook

Anodized and painted aluminium circle for pressure cook.henan huawei aluminum is the major professional suppliers of light and pressure cooker aluminium circle products in the lighting industry. Our lighting aluminium circle mainly used to produce lampshade,lamp cover. We produce high quality anodized aluminium circle and painted aluminium circle used in manufacturer different lamp shade , such as recessed lighti ...

What are the applications of aluminum circles in Kitchenware?

What are the applications of aluminum circles in Kitchenware?Aluminum circles are widely used in our life, such as some household appliances, kitchen utensils and most of them are aluminium products. Aluminum wafers are also a common consuming material. In recent years, the structure of kitchenware has evolved to the direction of beauty, fashion, environmental protection and low energy consumption. Aluminum circl ...

deep drawing 1070 coated aluminum circle plate

deep drawing 1070 coated aluminum circle plate details: The aluminum circles produced adopted by CC & DC aluminum coils, thickness range from 0.40mm to 4mm, diameter from 160mm to 1200mm ,Alloy number 1050, 3003,5052 temper H24, H16 of H18, O ,Used to the process of deep drawing machine , spinning, etc., can produce products such as kitchen utensils, electrical appliances, LED lighting shell. Non-Stick Al ...

aluminium circle for lighting

Color Coated Non-stick Aluminum Circle

Color Coated Non-stick Aluminum Circle details: 1.Alloy number:1060, 1070, 1050, 1100, 1200, 3003, 3004, 3105, 5052, 6061,8011 2.Temper available: O, H12 H14 H16 H18 H22 H24 H26 H32 3.Application: cookware utensils, basin etc. 4.process treatment: cold rolling and hot rolling. 5.Thickness: 0.2-4.0mm. 6.Diameter: 100-1200mm. 7.package: in seaworthy wooden pallet or case. 8.Surface: mill finis ...

Non Stick Coated Aluminum Circle For Pot

Non Stick Aluminum circles are widely used in cookware, utensils, pans, pots, pressure cooker,lampshade,lightings and road sign for its excellent deep drawing property. Aluminum circles can be processed by punching machine and spinning machine in cookware and lampshade processing. The finished products made by aluminum circles has smooth and bright surface and without burr or flashing. Aluminum circles are the fi ...

Hot Rolled Aluminum Circle For Sale

Hot Rolled Aluminum Circle Description: Product Name Hot Rolled Aluminum Circle For Sale Aluminum circle/disc Alloy 1050 1060 1070 1100 1200 3003 3004 3105 8011 Temper O-H112 Thickness 0.5mm-6.0mm Diameter 100mm-900mm Surface Mill finish, mirror polished, brushed, embossed, PE PVDF color coated, teflon coated... Packing Standard Exporting woo ...

cold rolled aluminium circle

Cold rolled aluminium disc circle

Paramters of cold rolled aluminium disc circle Equivalent name: CC aluminium circle, cold rolling round aluminum sheet plate etc Alloys: 1050, 1060 etc

anodized aluminum circle

Anodized aluminum disc circle

aluminium circle for lighting

Aluminum disc circle for lighting

hot rolling aluminum circle

Three significant features of hot rolling aluminum circle

Customers who are familiar with the materials used in the production of hardware, kitchenware, cookware and household appliances know that hot rolled aluminum discs are an important accessory in the production of such products. It is because of the many excellent features of hot rolling aluminum circle that can be used in all aspects of life that they are favored by the market. We introduce three distinctive feat ...

Will The Aluminum Circle Rust After Long Time Usage?

It is well known that iron products will rust after being used for a long time. Will aluminum circle rust as they have been used for a while? Today I want to tell you that the aluminum disc/circle will not rust, because the chemical reaction is different, and the aluminum is only oxidized. It is understood that when processing aluminum discs, manufacturers will add other anti-rust and anti-corrosion metal elem ...