The demand for making aluminum circle cookware is high,why can we do it? Advanced equipment and strict management both contribute to the excellent quality of products.

Aluminum Circle is a metal ring in the senior car tire, bias applied to the high-end car, aluminum material has light weight, beautiful. With a special silver jet car, after varnish it is more bright. As a car’s tires, its hardness is deviation, easily deformed, but can be repaired.

  1. Aluminum Circle has wide range of selection, including customized size and shape.
  2. Excellent spinning quality and deep drawing.
  3. High quality surface lighting reflectors.
  4. It is good protection packaging.
  5. We can supply 6mm thickness aluminum circles, and can be used as cookware handle.

stainless steel bottom aluminum circles

Aluminum round circles are widely used in electronics, daily chemicals, medicine, culture, education and auto parts, electrical, thermal insulation, mechanical manufacturing, architecture, printing and other industries. Such as kitchen utensils, non stick pan, pressure cooker and other hardware products. Aluminum circle is one of the most used aluminum alloy plate and strip deep processing products.

There are many kinds of its type, according to the different categories have different forms, according to the shape classification, we can divided into aluminum tube, round tube, oval tube and so on. According to appearance, we can divided it into patterns of environmental protection tube, pure aluminum. Because there are many kinds of classification, so that we can meet in most cases, and no matter in what kind of situation, it can play corrosion resistance, light weight. When in use, it can play great advantage. Not only the installation is simple, at the same time with advantages of energy saving, obvious heat insulation effect.