What is a 6061 alloy aluminum Disc circle?

As we know, the 6061 aluminum circle is a high-quality aluminum alloy product produced by a heat treatment pre-stretching process.

The ultimate tensile strength of 6061 aluminum discs material is 205 MPa or more; the compressive yield strength is 55.2 MPa; the coefficient of elasticity is 68.9 GPa; the bending ultimate strength is 228 MPa; the bending yield strength is 103 MPa. This also determines why aluminum wafers made of aluminum disc 6061 alloys have such good ductility and weldability.

circle aluminium 6061 t6



Common models of 6061 aluminum alloy


Cooling by a high-temperature molding process, after natural aging, to a basically stable state. This is suitable for products that are cooled by the high-temperature molding process and are no longer cold working (can be straightened and leveled, but does not affect mechanical properties limit).



Cooling by a high-temperature molding process, after cold processing, after natural aging to basically stable state. Products that can be cold worked or straightened or leveled to increase strength.


After solution heat treatment, cold processing, and then natural aging to basically stable state. It is suitable for cold processing, straightening, and leveling products to increase strength after solution heat treatment.


Solution heat treatment after natural aging to basically stable state. Suitable for solution heat treatment, no longer cold processing, natural aging products.


It is cooled by a high-temperature molding process and then subjected to artificial aging to a stable state. It is suitable for artificial aging products without cold working after cooling by a high temperature forming process.

Although the strength of 6061 aluminum alloy is not comparable to that of the 2XXX series or 7XXX series, it contains many characteristics of magnesium and silicon alloys. It has excellent processing properties, excellent welding characteristics, electroplating properties, and good corrosion resistance. Features.  It is widely used in various industries such as decoration, packaging, construction, transportation, electronics, aviation, aerospace, weapons, and so on.

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