Aluminum circles are widely used in electronic equipment components, daily chemical products, auto parts, household appliances, kitchen appliances and many other industries. They are one of the largest aluminum alloy sheet and strip deep processing products. In these applications, cookware, as the most concentrated product with aluminum circles/disc, is actively improving the manufacturing level to ensure the optimization of process performance, so that aluminum circle show more advantages in the manufacture of cookware.

Why aluminum circless is the best choice for the manufacture of cookware

According to incomplete statistics, about half of the world’s cooking utensils are made of aluminum. The thermal efficiency of cooking is as high as 93%, while stainless steel and cast iron are only 1/3 of aluminum. The use of aluminum circles to manufacture cookware will greatly increase the physical and chemical properties of cookware, making the electrical conductivity, thermal conductivity, heat resistance, etc. of cookware The characteristics can be improved very well, providing a guarantee for a good diet.

The production process of cooking utensils mainly includes cutting, stretching, splicing, whole bottoming and cleaning. In the blanking process, the metal materials produced by the cookware are first screened. Since the cookware needs to maintain good thermal conductivity, and the chemical properties of the drug are stabilized during the high-temperature barbecue process, the metal materials produced by the cookware have a strict scope of investigation.

It is precisely because the aluminum-manganese alloy disc can fuse the characteristics of the elements in the alloy in the manufacture of the cookware to achieve better process performance, which makes the aluminum circles/discs the best choice for the aluminum manufacture of cookware in many materials.