Huawei Aluminum is an Aluminum alloy circle manufacturer from China, which can automatically produce 1000 series, 3000 series, 5000 series, and 6000 series at present. At present, Huawei Aluminum has its own product line of aluminum discs, which is strictly in accordance with international production standards.

The general processing steps are as follows: 1, blank cutting (cutting into suitable cutting shape) 2, blanking (blanking into customers want to circle) Huawei Aluminum Factory has its own complete production line, Aluminum wafer uncoiling blanking production line is mainly composed of equipment: Loading trolley, uncoiler, leveling machine, feeder, swing unit, special closed single point mechanical press, quick mold change device, stacking unit, waste shearing, hydraulic system, electrical control system, etc. Every process is carried out strictly.

aluminum alloy circle disc

Technical features of Huawei Aluminum production line:

1, Automatic production line, the production line from the unwinding of the coil until the whole volume of materials are finished without manual contact with any quantity, can realize the uninterrupted production of products, have the ability to undertake large-scale production orders. There is no need for any adjustment in the middle, and it can fundamentally eliminate the hidden danger of production safety and product quality of the ordinary press.

2, Aluminum circle production line can use coil material to directly circle disk production, there is no need for longitudinal shear and transverse cutting of coil material in the middle, so as to directly reduce the production process, but also reduce the production cost. Because of the lack of artificial intervention, it reduces the possibility of damage to the surface of the coil, the circles produced can also be perfect to do no oil, no scratches.

3, Precise material control, Huawei Aluminum Alloy Circle makes full use of the width of coil material, adopts high-precision servo motor drive system control, reduces the distance between the circle and the scrap material, fundamentally reduces the amount of cutting waste, and makes the utilization rate of raw materials reach more than 80%.

4, Automatic production equipment, one line production speed can reach 40-55 pieces per minute, improving the production efficiency.

5, Huawei Aluminum adopts modular mold to design, when adjusting circle round production specifications, specifications can be converted within 15 minutes, can produce wafer diameter range from 35 mm to 850 mm.

6, Huawei Aluminum is equipped with an advanced uncoiling system, a six-weight leveling machine, high-performance mechanical press, an automatic palletizing system, etc., to ensure the high-quality production of circle products at all times.