Aluminum alloy products are widely used, and aluminum products made from aluminum metal are also widely used in our daily life. A common primary processing product of aluminum alloy is aluminum circle sheet, which is small in size and light in weight and can be used as a processing material for many daily articles.

Aluminum is three times more efficient than stainless steel or cast iron, has a thermal conductivity of 93%, and is more resistant to corrosion and durability than other metals. Huawei Aluminum, as a professional manufacturer of Aluminum products, produces Aluminum raw sheet products that are widely used in all aspects of life. This article lists the common uses of Aluminum discs.

aluminium circle application

1. Aluminum round for traffic signs

There are many reminder signs on both sides of the road, most of which are made of aluminum discs. The road signs are usually H14 semi-hard tempered with aluminum rings. By cutting the aluminum sheet and then cutting it to the appropriate size through the aluminum circle cutting equipment. As one of the large Aluminum ring manufacturers in China, Huawei Aluminum can produce various sizes of the Aluminum circle according to customer demand.

2. Marine aluminum circle

The aluminum ring has been used by sea, land, and air for nearly 100 years in the shipbuilding industry. Due to long time contact with moisture, iron or steel materials are easy to feed corrosion, and aluminum wafer because it will generate a layer of dense alumina film on the surface, so it can play a very good oxidation resistance, strong corrosion resistance. Aluminum ring price is relatively cheap, shipbuilding is more economical.

3. Aluminum circle disc for rail transit

Aluminum ring is mainly used in rail transit aluminum ring is mainly used in the construction of locomotives and auxiliary facilities, in the use of aluminum ring also occupies a large part.

4. Aluminium circle plates for light vehicles

With the improvement of people’s awareness of environmental protection and the intensification of the energy crisis, reducing vehicle weight and fuel consumption has become an important direction of the green development of the automobile industry. Aluminum alloy raw sheet is much lighter in weight than other metals but also has good mental strength.

Huawei Aluminum has been engaged in export for more than 10 years. Our Aluminum wafer products can produce stamping, containers, vessels, and other hot-rolled Aluminum discs, with high elongation, good anodic oxidation effect, and other advantages.