Aluminum products are more and more widely used in daily life, followed by the increasing demand for raw materials of aluminum products. The penetration rate of aluminum ring production, one of them, has skyrocketed. Aluminum rings can be used to make a variety of end products, such as common cookware, lighting, satellite dishes, car rims, floats, fuel tanks, etc.

The size of aluminum circles can be large or small, and the diameter and thickness depend on the product type produced by your company. One-to-one customized service can be provided according to your needs. If your company makes satellite dishes for TV viewing, you will need large Aluminum rings. For cooking utensils, you may use much smaller rings. Aluminum Circles in a certain size range can be produced.

aluminum circle/disc/10 mm thickness

Aluminum alloy wafer production has strict implementation steps, you need to choose the right strength of aluminum ring suppliers. This ensures that you get the right ring to match the products or products produced by your company. Some points of reference in selecting aluminum rings include: whether aluminum circles have good processing performance; Performance in thermal conductivity; Whether it has good mental toughness, whether the surface is smooth and the edge is smooth; Is it suitable for deep drawing and spinning? This is more convenient for your company to use later.

Huawei Aluminum has become a well-known supplier in the Aluminum ring industry for so many years. It can provide 1050, 1060, 1070, 1100, 3002, 3003, 3004, 5052, 50835052A, 5574 and 6061, 8021 to the company. 8011-grade aluminum alloy, various types of aluminum alloy, make your most suitable choice of products.
With good physical properties,

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