Hot rolling aluminum circle Overview

Customers who are familiar with the materials used in the production of hardware, kitchenware, cookware, and household appliances know that hot-rolled aluminum discs are an important accessory in the production of such products. It is because of the many excellent features of hot rolling aluminum circle that can be used in all aspects of life that they are favored by the market. We introduce three distinctive features of the hot rolling aluminum circle.

hot rolling aluminum circle

Corrosion resistance

The corrosion resistance of aluminum is well known, its surface has a layer of dense oxide film has excellent corrosion resistance, which can prevent the surface from external action and further oxidation corrosion. Therefore, hot-rolled aluminum discs are widely used to make smokeless pans, non-stick pans, pressure cookers, aluminum pots, and other kitchenware cookware. In addition, because of the good hot-rolled aluminum discs and has a certain degree of insulation and is widely used in the electrical manufacturing industry, such as household appliances liner, shell, wire and cable, radio industry, etc. are common its application.

The material is light

The excellent performance of metal materials can be widely used in another major feature – the material is light, some high precision industry needs is this feature. Compared with some good performance but heavy metal, the hot-rolled aluminum disc is a good solution to the weight problem, its small density, lightweight, can be used in aviation, automotive, ship, and other transportation manufacturing. In addition, spaceships, artificial satellites, and other highly advanced industries also use a large number of hot-rolled aluminum discs, which are not only beautiful but also light.


The common aluminum molds, signboards, tubes, and lamps in life are of different shapes, and it is hard to imagine how to make use of aluminum sheets and discs of different shapes. In fact, the malleability of hot-rolled aluminum discs is an important feature to meet the shape change of many appliances above. After special processing, hot-rolled aluminum discs can cast various shapes and varieties of forgings and can use a variety of methods of articulation so that the secondary processing into a variety of electrical appliances and hoses and aluminum shells, thus producing the products needed by the public.

The above three characteristics of hot-rolled aluminum discs can basically explain why they can be used in many fields and widely. In addition, the thermal conductivity and heat dissipation of hot-rolled aluminum discs are also some of the more practical auxiliary features that can benefit consumers well.