As an aluminum alloy raw material with good processing performance, aluminum Circle Disc will also have different processing tempering states according to different alloy states. This paper takes O, H12, H14, and H18 as examples to discuss the differences among several states.

1050 Aluminum Circle Disc O: It represents that the 1050 aluminum Circle DISC produced is a fully annealed aluminum circle, which is also the softest way of tempering. Temper O is usually used to make solid or deep products, such as aluminum POTS, pans, storage containers such as pans, casseroles, milk cans, teapots, casseroles, and lighting

1050 Aluminum Circle Disc H12: This state represents work hardening to 1/4 state. Aluminum Circle through this way to produce things are kitchen utensils, such as pizza plates, pressure cookers, baking pans, pans, pizza plates, bodies, LIDS or LIDS and so on, most common things in life;


1050 Aluminum Circle Disc H14: This is a work hardening state with a relatively simple machining mode. Common scenes are seen in LIDS and road signs, traffic signs, lighting, and other traffic;

1050 Aluminum Circle Disc H18: This state is more special than the first three, is hard after direct rolling without annealing, aluminum circle disc is a full hard configuration. The scenes used are often seen in road signs or buildings;